732 Lorimer St  Williamsburg, Brooklyn  11211  (718) 486-7971


Cancellation policy: 24 hrs in advance for all changes or cancellations.
Cancellations must be made over the phone, not by email. Thanks.

A free consultation is recommended before any appointment that is for more than a slight color correction; as it can be lengthy, and at premium price to perform. Receptionists can only quote basic prices, not corrective color prices . It is important, for our time management, that you accurately represent what services you will be booking for. Click here for an e-consult.

A $50.00 deposit is required on all first time color appointments. It is changeable/refundable only up to 24 hrs before the appointment, unless we can fill your reservation with someone else.  

Please do not book a noon appointment if there is any chance that you will have to cancel.

"No shows" will not be rebooked without prepayment.

We accept all credit cards/debit cards. Cash gratuities only. No ATM on premises. No personal checks.

"No shows" will be rebooked at the discretion of the management. We would prefer that you keep postponing an appointment, as opposed to just not showing up or calling.

We are a generously paced salon, so your absense is felt if you do not show. Abuse of it can only be deflected by our pricing, and we pride ourselves on our reasonable rates for the level of skill of services which you are receiving.

Please be respectful with cell phone use in the salon.

Nursing babies welcome, children 1-12 forbidden, no unsupervised minors (under 18) please.

Redoes or refunds must be reported within 72 hrs. We want to know if you are not happy with our performance and we want to do our best to satisfy you.

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